Our Story

Exercise has always been a therapeutic release for me. When I'm riding, I am able to let go, allowing the beat to take over, shifting my thoughts to my breath and the music. My heart pumping, my muscles burning, it all sets the stage for a kind of mental clarity that I can’t achieve anywhere else. On the bike I remember who I am. I remember that I am strong—physically and mentally.  When it’s over, I have a fresh perspective. Suddenly, the little stressors of the day don’t seem as powerful, and I'm refocused and ready to be the best I can be for my family, my friends, my business, and for myself.

That’s how Ascend Cycle was born.
I wanted to create a place where I could give this experience to others – a place to gain fresh perspective after hard work and lots of sweat, a place to remember what we’re capable of. Ascend Cycle is that place. The experience we deliver—from the lighting to the beats to the challenging intervals to the cold towel at the end of the ride—is all designed to create a place that encourages us to be our very best.

I invite you to be a part of our growing community, where we climb higher, sprint faster, and Ascend—together.


—Kat, Owner & Operator


Our Mission

Climb higher, sprint faster, Ascend.

Our classes are crafted with one goal in mind: to help you reach peak performance: We help you unleash your inner power with intentional rides, you leave the studio a stronger version of yourself. Our instructors know how to push you beyond perceived limitations, empowering you build physical and mental stamina. It comes full circle for us when you bring that newfound confidence into every aspect of your life.


Your Studio

We pride ourselves on offering an intimate experience for our riders led by dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable instructors to help you unleash your inner powerhouse. Our community is driven, supportive, and focused. Whatever your personal wellness goals, your studio is here to support you from start to finish. Join us, and uncover your true potential on the bike—and off.