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Ascend 50

Our signature 50 minute interval ride. Clip in, lose yourself in the beat, torch fat and calories, and leave a better version of yourself.

Ascend 90

Our monthly 90 minute interval ride is crafted to build stamina and promote achievement. Think you can’t handle it? Think again. We've got you covered with a ride that’s as fun as it is rewarding. 90 minutes? You got this.

Ride + Abs & Glutes

In just 60-minutes, you’ll crush miles on the bike and feel the burn in your abs and glutes. After a 30-minute ride, you’ll finish class on your mat with a blend of abs, glutes and arms.

Ascend happy hour

We believe the reward is in the ride—and some bubbles. This ride recognizes you, our dedicated riders, and all your achievements from the week. Release the stress and recharge for the weekend. First we ride, then we toast—here’s to our fab community of riders. Drinks on us!

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Ascend Elevate

Elevate your fitness with a 60-minute class that combines strength training and high intensity intervals. Build muscle and challenge your heart rate by alternating intervals of both strength and conditioning exercises. This class will rev up your metabolism is perfect for the high intensity interval training lover.

Ascend Strength

Build muscle and tone your body using a variety of strength training equipment, such as kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX and more. Your coach will program a class that is designed to challenge your muscles by performing multiple sets of exercises while using proper form and control. Your foundation of fitness and physique is this class.

Ascend PEAK

Ready to hit your peak? Ascend Peak is focused on anaerobic intervals. Short & intense work intervals—followed by rest, because you'll need it. Dig deep, commit & unleash your inner beast.

Ascend Core*

This 50-minute class is the perfect complement to our Ascend rides & Underground classes. This class is low impact and focuses on strengthening the core and other stabilizer muscles. Using resistance bands, balls & body weight, you will feel the burn in your abs, glutes, back and shoulders.

*Stay tuned to our schedule for upcoming classes!

Ascend BASE*

New to interval training or just getting back into it? Ascend Base is a 4-week program that focuses on proper form & technique. From goblet squats to kettle bell swings to battle ropes, you gain the foundation and confidence to crush the our other Ascend Underground classes.

*Offered as a workshop. Check our schedule for dates.