Our Ride

Climb higher, sprint faster, Ascend.

We turn down the lights, turn up the music, and take you to the next level of fitness using Ascend’s exclusive methodology combining challenging drills with big beats. Our rides utilize proven anaerobic interval training to build your aerobic base, turning your time in the saddle into your most efficient workout while maximizing calorie burn. Clip into the pedals and leave the outside world behind – this ride’s for you.


Now you’re ready to Ascend.



Ascend 50

Our signature 50 minute interval ride. Clip in, lose yourself in the beat, torch fat and calories, and leave a better version of yourself.


Ascend 90

Our monthly 90 minute interval ride is crafted to build stamina and promote achievement. Think you can’t handle it? Think again. We've got you covered with a ride that’s as fun as it is rewarding. 90 minutes? You got this.

Note: This class charges 2 ride credits


Ascend X

Get after it.  Maximize your time with Ascend X.  Our 30-minute express ride ups the intensity with more peak drills and beats that keep you motivated.  Results?  Climbing Higher, Sprinting Faster - All in 30 minutes.


Ascend happy hour

We believe the reward is in the ride – and some bubbles. This ride recognizes you, our dedicated riders, and all your achievements from the week. Release the stress and recharge for the weekend. First we ride, then we toast – here’s to our fab community of riders. Drinks on us!