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At Ascend Cycle, we pride ourselves on our proprietary class methodology that combines interval training, exceptional class leadership skills and motivating music to create an experience that leaves you coming back for more. Change up your workout routine by taking our blended 30/30 formats that combine cycling with core and strength training exercises. For maximal results, we recommend a combination of Ascend Cycle and Ascend Underground classes on a regular basis.

Ascend 50

Our signature 50 minute interval ride. Clip in, lose yourself in the beat, torch fat and calories, and leave a better version of yourself.


Ready to sweat? Start off with a 30 minute ride in our signature interval training style, followed by 30 minutes of high intensity intervals of body weight and core exercises. You’ll feel the burn, but the results will be worth it. This class will pump up your metabolism for days.


In just 60-minutes, you’ll crush miles on the bike and feel the burn in your abs and glutes. We start with a 30-minute ride, and you’ll finish class on your mat with a blend of abs, glutes and arms.

Ascend happy hour

We believe the reward is in the ride—and some bubbles. This ride recognizes you, our dedicated riders, and all your achievements from the week. Release the stress and recharge for the weekend. First we ride, then we toast—here’s to our fab community of riders. Drinks on us!

Ascend 90

Our monthly 90 minute interval ride is crafted to build stamina and promote achievement. Think you can’t handle it? Think again. We've got you covered with a ride that’s as fun as it is rewarding. 90 minutes? You got this.

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Ascend Underground is our strength and interval training studio. Research has proven that strength training is an essential component of a well-rounded fitness routine. Our classes are designed to help you build strength, prevent injury and achieve a lean body composition. Our highly qualified coaches are prepared to deliver a challenging and safe class, backed by proven exercise science principles. Need a modification? Let our coaches know and we will help you make your workout safe and effective.

Ascend Strength

This class is appropriate for all levels.

Build muscle and tone your body using a variety of strength training equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX and more. In this class, we focus on proper form and exhausting different muscle groups, resulting a stronger version of yourself.

Ascend PEAK

Our most advanced class in Ascend Underground.

Ready to hit your peak? This class will get your heart rate revved up with short & intense work intervals—followed by recovery. This class will leave you breathless, but a leaner version of you is right around the corner.

Ascend Elevate

Ascend Elevate blends the best of both worlds. Elevate your fitness with a 60-minute class that combines strength training and high intensity intervals. This class will leave you stronger AND leaner.

Ascend STRENGTH Core

Low impact class!

Build a stronger core for a safer and more effective ride. This class is low impact and focuses on strengthening the core, glutes and hip stabilizer muscles. Using resistance bands, balls & body weight, you will feel the burn in your abs, glutes, back and shoulders.

Ascend BASE*

New to strength training or just getting back into it? Ascend Base is a 4-week program that focuses on proper form & technique. From goblet squats to kettle bell swings to battle ropes, you gain the foundation and confidence to crush the our other Ascend Underground classes.

*Offered as a 4 week workshop. Check our schedule for dates. If no dates are available, we recommend starting with our Ascend Strength class.