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Ascend Family Feature - Meet Jezelle

Introducing one of our OG Ascend members. Jezelle has been with us since the beginning, and we’ve seen her get fitter, stronger and healthier every year. She always shows up and gives her best in each and every class. She crushes drills out of the saddle and never says no to trying a heavier weight. She’s made life-long friends here at Ascend and our community wouldn’t be the same without her!

Read on to see how she stays motivated year over year, her favorite jams on the bike, and more.

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Ascend Family Feature - Cole, AC Instructor

If you’re in need of a story of inspiration and dedication, look no further than our own AC Instructor Cole. She joined our community a little over 2 years ago, and in that time has become an instructor and achieved many of her fitness goals. However, that success hasn’t come without some failures. But she didn’t let it hold her back. Instead it was fuel to her fire, and she continues to burn brighter each and every day.

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