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Ascend Family Feature - Cole, AC Instructor

If you’re in need of a story of inspiration and dedication, look no further than our own AC Instructor Cole. She joined our community a little over 2 years ago, and in that time has become an instructor and achieved many of her fitness goals. However, that success hasn’t come without some failures. But she didn’t let it hold her back. Instead it was fuel to her fire, and she continues to burn brighter each and every day.

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"It’s not just a place to work out..."

"A little over three months ago, I made a life changing decision: I left the office early, drove straight to Ascend Cycle, and found myself standing in front of two very friendly souls: Kat and Brandon. I’ve since been told how serendipitous this was – as it’s unusual to find the #bosslady & Experience Leader casually sitting together in the lobby at 4pm on a weekday – and am genuinely glad they were there to lend their words of support, vision, and excitement surrounding the studio (and most especially for the special shoe order (without hesitation, no less) to accommodate my shoe size…14’s are now available!)..."

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