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Testimonial - How I got results in Ascend Underground

“Attending the Underground Elevate classes, has made a larger impact to goal achievement than diet, or just doing cardio alone.  I started Underground at Ascend in January 2018.  At that time, I had a body fat scan done, head to toe, and not shockingly, was in the high-risk areas for many health factors.  90 days later, I completed another scan…”

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Spring Training Series: Alex’s Take on Strength Training & Recovery

 As an Underground coach, Alex leads her athletes through intense, full-body workouts targeting and strengthening major muscle groups. Her big grin reveals that she’s in her happy place doing what she loves—helping others become stronger versions of themselves. As an endurance runner herself, she knows that incorporating strength training helps athletes reach peak performance on race day. Include Underground classes in your race-training program to help ward off injuries, challenge different muscle fibers, and take your performance to the next level. (Read more about the benefits of strength training).

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Why You Should Ascend Underground - The Importance of Strength Training

Ascend Underground coach Alex McDonald adds strength training to her workout routine even though she’s a total cardio junkie. The long-distance endurance runner incorporates elements of total body strength training and targeted injury-prevention exercises to round out her training. Below, Alex explains why strength training is an integral part of any exercise regimen.

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