Ascend Family Feature: Sean

Meet Sean. Following an injury to his lower back, he started with our Ascend Base program last winter, and is now working out regularly in Ascend Underground, as well as occasional rides. His advice to the Ascend community? Don’t be afraid to ask our team for help! Read on to learn more advice from Sean, and pay attention to his fun fact! In his spare time, Sean does some pretty cool stuff!!

Sean - we are so proud of the strength you’ve built over the course of this year, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you!


How long have you been riding/taking classes at Ascend?

I’ve been taking classes on and off since December 2015 at Ascend (back when it was Swet Ride) and taking Underground classes now for about a year.


Tell us what keeps you coming back to Ascend?

The instructors/coaches have been great and really motivating.  I really appreciate the time they spend in making sure I’m ready to go during a class and also offering modifications based on injuries.  I also really enjoy the variety of classes.

Please share any specific results that you have achieved.

I definitely feel healthier and stronger.  I have a lower back spinal injury so my goal was to build more muscle in my core to help alleviate pain, which I have definitely achieved over the past year.  Now I just need to maintain and grow stronger.

What advice might you tell someone that is new to Ascend?

If you have questions about a class or how something works, then definitely ask.  Everyone has been really excellent about making sure that you maintain proper form and modifications when needed.  I was honestly very nervous about my first class because I was volunteering at Port City Brewing as a bike marshal for a couple years and refused to change my pedals in order to clip into my bike.  I showed up really early for my first class and everyone made sure I was comfortable with the process. That help of empathy and help really make me feel comfortable.

What does our Ascend Underground motto “A Community of Strength” mean to you?

 “A community of strength.”  - this resonates with me.  I definitely need help and I’m comfortable asking for it.  The Ascend community has help me get stronger.

What do you do?

 I sell software to the Federal government. 


Tell us a fun fact!


 I co-host a podcast about cartoons that you may or may not have watched when you were a kid.  It’s called “Saturday Mourning Cartoons.”  The extra “U” is intentional since Saturday morning cartoons ended in Oct 2014 and were replaced with educational cartoons. I’ve been co-hosting this show for over five years.

I perform improv comedy in DC for Washington Improv Theater.  I’ve been performing for 11 years.

Check out Sean’s performance in the short film “Faire Trade”.