Ascend Family Feature - Meet Jezelle

Introducing one of our OG Ascend members. Jezelle has been with us since the beginning, and we’ve seen her get fitter, stronger and healthier every year. She always shows up and gives her best in each and every class. She crushes drills out of the saddle and never says no to trying a heavier weight. She’s made life-long friends here at Ascend and our community wouldn’t be the same without her!

Read on to see how she stays motivated year over year, her favorite jams on the bike, and more.

How long have you been A member at Ascend?

IMG_3757 2.jpeg

 My first class at Ascend Cycle was in April 2015. I took MB’s ride and was hooked! I’ve been taking classes at Ascend Underground since the doors opened.

Ascend is home.


what keeps you coming back to Ascend?

I’m motivated by the satisfaction of feeling stronger and becoming a better version of myself. The workouts are challenging. The music and atmosphere keep me energized. The instructors are inspiring, and I appreciate that they’re focused on how I could improve my lifestyle in and out of the studio.

The community and friends I’ve made at Ascend keep me motivated and coming back.

Please share any specific results that you have achieved.

I am stronger today than I’ve ever been. I didn’t play sports growing up. I grew up with sisters that played basketball and in boxing. It feels great that now I can keep up with them. While I still have ways to go, Ascend has been crucial to getting me this far. I can do box jumps (have always been terrified of jumping higher than the sidewalk curb) and can even do push-ups on my toes. I am picking up heavier weights than I did a year ago.

Ascend has helped me realize I am capable of so much more.

 What’s your typical workout schedule at Ascend?

Initially I worked up to 4-5 rides per week. As Ascend evolved, I started taking their interval class, and once Ascend Underground opened, I blended my time between both studios. Now, I do 2 rides and 3-4 Underground classes per week.

What advice might you tell someone that is new to Ascend?

 Arrive a few minutes before your first class and let the instructor know of any questions you have and injuries or limitations as well. Trust me, the Ascend team cares. Zone in and have fun!  


What’s your favorite song to ride to?

For a climb - Gangsta by Moguai

For a sprint - High on Life by Martin Garrix

…and I LOVE hip hop theme rides!

Favorite exercise in Underground?

Deadlifts - because its a powerful movement and makes me feel strong!

What do you do?

 I am an Accounting Manager for a Veteran Owned Small Business that specializes in Cybersecurity and IT services.


Tell us a fun fact!

While my sisters were playing basketball and boxing, I was a Tahitian dancer. It was my talent when I competed in Miss Teenage Philippines. Maybe I’ll get back into it when I lose 10 more lbs. LOL

Also, I am engaged to my best friend. I have a son who is 23. I love to travel, and eat!


“Climb higher, sprint faster, become a better version of yourself.”

Tell us what this means to you.

That you can push through and discover your inner or hidden potential - on the bike and off!