Meet Molly, Ascend Underground Lead Coach

If you’ve been with us long enough, you might remember Molly from the cycling podium way back in 2016. Now she’s back, but this time, leading up some of the exciting new changes we are implementing in Ascend Underground.



How and when did you find Ascend?

Kat and I met in 2015, when we were both working at a personal training gym in Arlington. I began coaching at Ascend (then Swet Ride) shortly after that.

Where are you from?

Long Island, New York.

What's your fitness background?

I played soccer my whole life, then came to DC to play at the George Washington University. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, so a few years after college, I began pursuing a career in fitness. I am a NASM certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist and behavior change specialist. I also have my health coaching certification from Georgetown University.

After coaching with Kat and TRUE Health and Wholeness, I moved back to NY and was a personal trainer and health coach at Very Personal Training in Brooklyn. Then, in 2017, I started pursuing my master's degree at American University in Clinical Psychology and coach at Orangetheory Fitness in Tenleytown for two years before coming back to Ascend.

What are you most excited about with your role as lead coach in Ascend Underground?

I believe one of the most important things we can do is work on ourselves. It's important to me to never stop learning and growing. As lead coach, I am excited to challenge my leadership skills and grow as a mentor and a coach. I am also extremely excited to support all of our coaches and athletes as they challenge themselves to learn, grow and develop in all aspects of life.

LET’S GEt personal!

Name three things you love.

I love tv and film.

I love mac and cheese.

I love connecting with my family and friends.

What's your dream job?

My dream job would be coaching/counseling members of my community in a way that combines both physical health with mental health.

What’s your favorite strength exercise?

Nothing makes me feel more badass than a heavy deadlift.

Why do you love coaching fitness?

I love coaching fitness for so many reasons! Mostly, I love helping people find their strength and power. I believe physical health and strength is a key part of your mental and emotional health. The healthier you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, the more kindness, love, energy, and compassion you will have to share with with others.

Top 3 favorite songs on your workout playlist right now.

Piece of My Heart by MEDUZA

bad guy by Billie Eilish with Justin Bieber

Cut to the Feeling by Carly Rae Jepsen

Tell us a fun fact someone might not know about you.

I have two cats named Arya and Stella

Rapid fire - this or that:

    • Coffee/Tea - Coffee

    • Sneakers / Flip flops - Sneakers

    • Ice Cream / Cake - Don't like either. Brownies and Cookies

    • Early to rise / early to bed - Early to Bed

    • Beach / Mountains - Mountains

    • Cat / Dog -- All animals

    • Summer / Winter -- Fall 

    • Books / Movies -- movies

    • Fruits / Vegetables -- fruit

    • Morning workout / Evening workout -- mid-morning or afternoon