Building a Community of Strength in Ascend Underground

We’re kicking off the final month of the summer with some exciting updates to Ascend Underground. We’ve watched you all get stronger and more fit in the past 18 months since we opened. We couldn’t be more proud to see how far you’ve all come. Now it’s time to level up and we know you’re up for the challenge.

Bringing the best to help you achieve a better version of yourself.

Kat in Salt Lake City with Bobby and Lisa Maximus.

Kat in Salt Lake City with Bobby and Lisa Maximus.

At Ascend, we believe in a constant evolution that drives ongoing improvements in our studio, classes and overall experience. Our #bossbabe, Kat, spent the first part of this year pursuing continuing education with the intention to inspire change and evolution of our Underground program. Kat completed specialty barbell and kettlebell certifications with Bobby Maximus and ONNIT Academy. Along with the expertise of our new lead coach, Molly (stay tuned for her formal introduction!), we are launching an enhanced strength training program in Ascend Underground designed to challenge you to a new level.


“Strength Gainz”

Ascend Underground will keep its framework for our interval training classes, but will maximize your strength gains by incorporating barbell lifts into the format on strength days. By combining these practical lifts with metabolic training, our goal is to help you learn proper form, build strength, and torch fat to achieve a lean body all in a one hour-long class.

A Community of Strength

Our goal remains to forge a community of both physical & mental strength. You show up for a workout that challenges your physical strength and that tests your mental fortitude. Our Coaches are here to motivate, teach and challenge you with the personal touch you need…because they get to know you. And our community of friendly faces shows up for each other, accepts the challenge together and cheers each other on. We all do it together. This is Ascend Underground, elevated to new heights.