Ascend Family Feature - Cole, AC Instructor

If you’re in need of a story of inspiration and dedication, look no further than our own AC Instructor Cole. She joined our community a little over 2 years ago, and in that time has become an instructor and achieved many of her fitness goals. However, that success hasn’t come without some failures. But she didn’t let it hold her back. Instead it was fuel to her fire, and she continues to burn brighter each and every day. Read on to learn more about Cole’s story.

A newbie to alexandria, cole finds ascend…

Cole and her daughter, Wrenn.

Cole and her daughter, Wrenn.

I started riding at Ascend in 2017. A friend had initially introduced me to the studio and I immediately loved the energy of the dark room and how I could just escape on the bike in the music. After taking a few classes, I quickly realized I had some work to do.

To be honest, I was at a transitional point in my life having just moved here from Richmond and I wasn't quite sure what I needed or what I was looking for. I knew I was very out of shape and that I needed to make some serious changes to my life.

Discovering Ascend and the potential of what I could achieve on the bike became the motivation that I needed.

cole’s first audition…

About 3 months after my first class, auditions for instructors were being held and I knew it was something I HAD to do. The Ascend mission had grabbed hold of me and helped me start down the path of lifestyle changes I desperately needed. Auditioning was intense. I knew I still had some work to do, but I wanted it so badly.


Kat played Taylor Swift's “Style” - a fast-paced drill at 95 RPM out of the saddle for two intervals, with the last around 1 minute long.

I couldn't complete the drill, but inside I was screaming "challenge accepted!".

Kat & MB let me know they thought I needed to spend more time practicing before moving forward with the training program. While discouraged, I decided I would get the Ascend Unlimited Membership to start working towards my goal of instructing. I wanted a bigger part in what had helped me turn my own personal health around.

a story of determination…

I rode as much as I could! Monday’s with Brandon, Wednesday’s and Friday’s rocking out with Jaime and Saturday’s with Kat! I also began Underground classes when it opened at the end of 2017 - the cross training aspect really helped me get stronger. I immersed myself in the community.

The studio and everyone in it played a huge part in my weeks. I was getting stronger by the day and closer to the podium. Now, every time Taylor Swift's “Style” came on, I crushed it. To this day I still love that drill.

Flash forward 7 months - Ascend posted on Instagram that they were looking for their next rock star. I knew I was ready. Then one morning after a class with Jaime she messaged me and was basically like, "you're trying out again, right?!" I reached out to MB that week and the rest is history.

a better version of you requires PERSISTENCE…


Being an instructor is indescribable for me. Getting up on that podium for 50 minutes and leading the class grabs my soul.

You will often hear me mentioning that the Ascend community is magic - I truly believe that.

Ascend and its community can be whatever you need it to be and I am grateful to play a role in that magic and transformation that exists when you put your all into something you believe in or want. That is what wellness means to me - putting your whole heart into it! Even though there will be obstacles you have to be persistent if you want to become the best version of you!