AC Success Story - Meet Ashley K

We are so proud to introduce Ashley K as our featured client for the start of our Ascend Spring into Summer Challenge.


Through hard work, consistency and believing in herself, Ashley has lost nearly 100 lbs since starting her weight loss journey a few years ago. Last September, she joined our Ascend fam and started riding with us once a week. As she built up her endurance, she now has worked up to 4-5 classes week, including rides, our 30/30 class and Ascend Underground strength training. Ashley has lost over 40 lbs since September; she’s stronger than ever before and has maintained a regular exercise routine for the first time in her life.

Ashley is a true testament to how finding something that you love and building consistency can yield amazing results. We can’t wait to keep watching Ashley rock it out to Beyonce on the bike, and to see her continue to achieve a better version of herself. Congratulations Ashley!


Tell us a little about your fitness background:

I have always found the gym intimidating.  A few years ago I would go to the gym 3-4 days a week use the 3 pieces of equipment I knew how to work (Treadmill, Elliptical and bike) and  get out as fast as I could! Over the last 2 years I had avoided the gym  completely. 

I’ve struggled with me weight all of my life. In 2014 I started my weight loss journey by changing my diet and I dropped a little over 100 lbs. Over the last 4 years with life changes, new jobs, and a new house some of the weight crept back on. When I joined Ascend last fall I not only wanted to lose their weight but I wanted to gain strength and endurance.

What made you want to try Ascend Cycle?

My college BFF and Lead instructor M.B. had been asking me for YEARS to come by Ascend and give it a try. One morning, I woke up feeling bold and signed up! 

How did you feel before your first class?

I was truly scared y’all, the movies and TV make spin look like you have to be super fit to give it a try. I thought I would be falling off the bike like Amy Schumer in the movie ’I feel pretty’. I worried that I would embarrass myself so naturally I booked the bike closest to the door in case I needed to make a run for it. Once I was in the studio I realized it was a warm and inviting environment.  Both riders and AC staff where so kind and excited to be there which made me feel like I was already apart of the team.


What was your first impression of AC after your first class?

My very first thought was wow, that wasn’t as scary as I thought. The next thought was, my butt hurts! I quickly got over the butt pain and booked my next class as I walked to my car. 

tell us about your results so far:

Aside from losing 42lbs and dropping 3 pants sizes so far, my strength and endurance are like never before.  Now I find myself eager to keep moving outside of class. Another surprising result was in my confidence, not only with what my body can do but also confidence to try new things!

What is your favorite kind of drill on the bike?

Besides any drill that includes a Beyoncé song, I LOVE a good Climb! There is something about adding more and more resistance and powering up a hill. I always surprise myself with my own strength.

After cycling for a few months you tried UG- what made you want to venture downstairs ?

I initially started with a 30/30 class that includes 30 minutes of spin upstairs and 30 minutes of strength training. It’s a great way to get introduced to the Underground. Once I did a few 30/30 classes I decided to kick it up a notch a do a full underground class, my quads and glutes thanked me for days afterwards!

Your advice for the Ascend newbie?

If someone is new and hesitant as I was when I first started, I would tell them it’s ok to be scared and that this ride is all about you. You can control how fast you pedal and how much resistance because this is your ride! 

I am truly so thankful to the AC staff and AC community for creating such an awesome place to sweat, reconnect with my goals and make new friends. I should have listened to MB years ago!!