Superfood Pilaf with Chicken Sausage

Simple, yet satisfying, these store-bought items can be stashed in your freezer as a back-up meal any time of day. In place of TJ’s superfood pilaf, you can substitute a riced cauliflower/veggie mix or California blend of mixed veggies – all found in the market’s freezer section.




1 pack chicken sausage (thawed if previously frozen) – Brand such as Belinksi’s

1-2 bags Trader Joe’s Superfood Pilaf (found in frozen section)

A couple handfuls of raw spinach (optional)

Olive oil



1.     Heat olive oil (or grass-fed butter/oil of choice) over medium heat. Add sliced sausages links.

2.     For the superfood pilaf, you can cook to directions then add to sausage or add to same pan to cook together. If adding to the same pan (which I did), you’ll need a lid to help the pilaf thaw.

3.     Cook, stirring occasionally, until heated evenly.

4.     Add raw spinach, stir until wilted.