Chickpea Pasta With Peas, Pesto and Wilted Spinach

Let’s face it: pasta is a comfort food. I love that there are so many options made with chickpeas, lentils or beans that won’t spike your blood sugar. Here, I used Banza chickpea pasta, added frozen peas and spinach for more nutrients, pesto for flavor, and topped with a little feta. This dish can stand on it’s own or be served alongside a protein like turkey meatballs, grilled chicken (pick up a roasted whole chicken for a fast option) or fish.




1 small box Banza chickpea pasta

Pesto, amount to taste

½ bag frozen peas

A couple large handfuls of raw spinach

Feta cheese (optional)

Toasted pine nuts (optional)



1.     Bring a saucepan of salted water to boil. Add pasta and frozen peas and cook according to pasta directions (approximately 9-11 minutes).

2.     Strain pasta and peas, rinse, and add back to saucepan.

3.     Toss in fresh spinach to wilt

4.     Add pesto sauce (or sauce of choice)

5.     Top with feta cheese or toasted pine nuts


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