Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s Day (Cupid Not Required)

Get a daily dose of self-love with our V-day BINGO challenge.


Regardless of your relationship status and whether or not you’re a fan of the Hallmark holiday, we can all agree in the benefit of cultivating more self-love. Nurturing the relationship with yourself can have a ripple effect to all areas of your life. This is the perfect week to tune in and express a little more self-care. We encourage you to make time to show up for you, care for you, and create space for what brings YOU joy. After all, a hefty dose of self-love also benefits the other loves in your life.


What does self-love really look like? On a deep level, it involves getting to know who you are, identifying your core beliefs, setting boundaries and making choices that reflect your wants and needs. It’s showing compassion and kindness when we experience failure or rejection, while also honoring and being proud of our successes. On the lighter side, it can simply mean taking time to do things that promote relaxation or evoke a smile. Get a massage, plan a healthy meal, take a bath, go for a long walk, or plan brunch with your pals (and put away your phone)—whatever it is that you enjoy and helps you feel balanced and present. Try to take note when you are feeling happy and aligned—what’s the environment, who’s around you, what activities are you engaging in—then recreate those settings more often.  

Ready to spread the love?

Check out our Self-Love BINGO card below for our go-to practices, or create your own!