Recovery Tips from our Ascend Underground Coaches

We’re midway through our New Year challenge and we are proud of all your hard work!

In addition to sticking to taking classes on the regular, we want to encourage you to incorporate recovery practices into your routine. So we asked coaches Katie and Nicole for their top tips to prevent burnout and keep you primed to crush your workouts.

3 Tips from Nicole

Did you know that Nicole teaches a monthly Roll and Restore workshop? Check out February’s workshop on Saturday the 23rd at 10:30 AM.

Hydrate - When the weather is chilly, the last thing we might think about is whether we are getting enough water. But dehydration can happen during any season, and can leave you feeling tired, foggy and sore. Aim to drink half of you body weight in ounces of water each day, plus more on days that you workout.

Take a bath - A warm epsom salt bath will help relax those muscles, and this self-care activity will also help restore your mind. Light a candle and put on some relaxing music or just enjoy some quiet time.

Foam Roll - Try to arrive to class early and spent about 5-10 mins foam rolling. Rolling before class will help to loosen up the fascia (the tissue that holds your muscles together) and increase blood flow to your muscles. The results are improvements in mobility during your exercises and a reduction in muscle soreness.

Hip Openers & Glute Activation Tips with Katie

In this video, Katie shares her favorite exercises to open up the hips and activate the glutes. Most of us spending the majority of the day sitting and moving in a forward motion (walking, running, cycling). This results in tight hip flexors and weak glutes, and can lead to muscle imbalances and injuries.

Follow Katie’s program to build strength in the glutes and abductor muscles and to relieve tension in the the hips. You can perform this series before class, or anytime at home.

Follow Katie along in the video below!

  • Front to Back Hip Swings,  x 10 each

  • Side to Side Hip Swings, x 10 each

  • Hip Rotations,  x 10 each

  • Lateral squat, x 5 each

  • Thoracic Rotation, x 5 each

  • Deep Squat, x 10 

  • Glute Activation, x 15 each 

  • Mini Band Squats, x 10