2019 Challenge: New Year, Better You.

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Let’s focus on a better version of YOU in 2019. This challenge is about establishing a balanced workout routine that fits your personal fitness goals.

It is not a competition! We encourage you to sign up, create accountability with other members of our Ascend community and motivate each other by showing up and cheering each other on. Plus our team is here to inspire you with creative and intentionally planned classes and of course, badass music.

We’ve created 4 balanced programs intended to help you achieve results by blending the benefits of both our Ascend Cycle and Ascend Underground studios.
All you need to do is choose the option below that aligns with your fitness goals and ascend with us into the new year. Learn more about all the classes we offer on our Class Descriptions page.

The challenge starts Monday, January 7th and will run for four weeks.
Your goal is to achieve the recommended number of classes each week for the program you choose. When you successfully complete the classes each week, you’ve achieved the challenge for that week.

Hit all 4 weeks of the challenge, and we will award you with 20% off your choice of apparel!  

Your challenge. Your choice.

2 Rides + 1 Underground class OR 2 Underground classes + 1 Ride

Ready to get back in the saddle? It’s time to commit. If you have struggled to find time for a regular workout schedule over the holidays or in the last year, this challenge is for you. Get your sweat on just three times a week to see improvements in your aerobic endurance and overall strength. Any Underground class counts towards your challenge, but we recommend starting with Ascend Strength. A combination of rides and strength training will deliver a well-rounded fitness program that not only makes you stronger but prevents injury as well. Plus, all those exercise-induced endorphins post-class will have you feeling happy and confident to crush your non-fitness goals too!

2 Rides + 2 Underground classes

Have you been working out regularly but hit a plateau? It’s time to switch things up. Research has proven that adding strength training to your fitness routine will increase lean muscle and boost your metabolism, while adding more cardio to your strength training will burn calories to eliminate fat. If you want to feel stronger, get more out of your workouts, and burn fat, this challenge goal is for you. New to Underground? We recommend starting with our Ascend Strength format first.

2 rides + 3 Underground classes OR 3 rides + 2 Underground classes

Need to step it up a notch? Keep your body guessing and continue to see results by taking advantage of all the different class formats we offer at Ascend. Each week, your goal is to take at least two to three rides or 30/30 classes plus two to three Ascend Underground classes. Our recommended program per week is one Ascend 50 signature ride, one 30/30 Ride//HIIT or Core, plus an Ascend Strength, Ascend Peak, and Ascend Elevate class in our Underground studio.

2 Rides or 30/30 Ride/Core + 1 Ascend Strength-Core

Recovering from an injury or wanting to take it easy on your joints? This challenge goal provides a more specific workout plan for you to build strength and endurance while staying low impact. We recommend adding core work to your rides in order to strengthen the muscles necessary for cycling and prevent injury.
Our low impact option is also an excellent program for our prenatal clients.

Ascend Strength-Core will strengthen your glutes and hip stabilizers in order to support your body throughout pregnancy and also prepare for a healthy delivery and quick recovery. All core movements can be adapted to individual needs. Our Ascend Strength-Core instructor Nicole Fratianne and Ascend Cycle owner Kat Zajac are both certified in pre- and post-natal exercise.

Our 30/30 Combo Classes will count towards a Ride, if not otherwise indicated.
*Please keep your classes to one per day. Doubled up classes will not count towards your hitting your goal.


To sign up for the Challenge, please login to your account and locate the Challenges Tab. Hit sign up.
Then, next time you are at the studio, please sign your name on our Challenge Board and include your goal!