All About Emily...

She's one of our most senior instructors, a busy mom and career woman and executes it all with grace.  How does she balance it all?  We interviewed Emily to find out.

Catch her on the schedule on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:45 AM.  



You were our very first rider turned Instructor.  How did you find ascend and what made you want to teach?

Although I have been riding since college, it wasn't until after having my third child that I really started to think about becoming an instructor.  You could call it an early mid-life crisis!  I needed something that was just for me that was fun and challenging -- separate from the responsibilities of raising a family and my professional life. I met Kat and was immediately struck by her commitment to the Del Ray community and the welcoming atmosphere of the studio.  The rest is history.

In addition to being one of ascend cycles most popular instructors- you are also a bad ass business woman and a mama of 3!! Any advice to other working moms out there on how to manage a work / life balance ? 

If there is one thing I have learned about work/life balance, it's that it requires constant recalibration.  Although schedules may change, our true priorities don't.  1.) Prioritize your health and your sanity by calendaring your workouts.  2) Bring friends!!!!  Life is so so busy. Sweat with a friend and kill two birds with one stone.  3.) Find time to do something for someone else -- whether its volunteering at a soup kitchen or at your child's school -- service and gratitude help keep things in perspective for my family.

It's obvious you love fitness, I mean I would never challenge you in an arm wrestling competition- outside of ascend how do you like to keep fit?

Obviously, I love love love group fitness. There is no replacement for the energy that it brings.  But if I don't have time to hit the studio, barre class, or run -- I will set a timer and knock out ten minutes of jump squats, pushups and burpees.  Trust me, you will work up a sweat!

Like many athletes you have had a few minor injuries- any tips and tricks on keeping yourself safe and healthy?


Getting older is humbling.  I have had to learn body wisdom -- identifying the difference between pain and discomfort and honoring my limitations.  I've done some time in PT and have really learned the value of lateral movement and working those smaller, stabilizing muscles.  Oh, and spend some quality time with your foam roller.

How do you live your best life?

Surround yourself with people that build you up and make you laugh.  Confidence and perspective allows you to take risks in and out of the studio.  Introduce yourself to your fellow riders and instructors -- having that connection and accountability with your tribe is key to pushing through tough rides and taking that next risk.   

 Favorite part of our Ascend Family?

Ascend is basically my Cheers. I love my that fellow instructors and riders can walk in the studio and be true to themselves.  It is such a privilege to get to know our riders and see what motivates them -- whether it is training for a triathlon, working toward a healthier lifestyle, managing stress or even working through grief -- I am continually humbled and challenged by our wonderful community to deliver 50 challenging, exhilarating minutes. And I won't lie: the cold towels are a close second.