Nosh Bars - An Interview with Michele Lockhart

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You may have noticed that we have a new product at Ascend - Nosh Bar.  Nosh Bar is a locally and woman-owned small business.  We sat down with owner, Michele, to learn a little more about how Nosh Bar was born, and to provide some extra details about her tasty and nutritious product.



Tell us more about Nosh Bar - how did you get started?

As a full time engineer, I looked forward to my workouts and I love to eat. I've been an athlete my entire life and have always been health conscious. I started eating nosh bars before workouts and found it to be a game changer for my workouts. It gave me the perfect amount of energy, it was easy to digest, and it tasted amazing. I started sharing nosh bars with everyone and was told it could be a business! Since I wasn't loving my job and what I really loved was fitness and nutrition, I explored this idea a bit. Someone gave me the opportunity to sell nosh bars at their studio and the business was born. 


Do you recommend Nosh Bar as a pre-workout or post-workout snack?


Both!  You can have a couple of bites before a workout for the perfect amount of energy for your workout and finish the bar after class for some protein to help rebuild your muscles.  Nosh Bars are also great for a midday snack or anytime you need a snack to hold you over when you're on the go.


Tell us more about the nutrition and ingredients behind Nosh Bar.

Nosh Bars combine whole foods (mainly fruits & nuts) to provide a snack that contains protein, fats & fiber - read more on the specific ingredients here.  They have a low glycemic index, meaning that they will not cause a big surge in your blood sugar after you eat - instead it will be digested more slowly, giving you energy for now and later. The good fats from the nuts and the fiber in the bar balance the digestion of the natural sugar from the fruit.  


Thanks Michele!  You can find Nosh Bar available for sale in our lobby as well as in Ascend Underground!  Check them out next time you're at the studio - we're confident you won't be disappointed!