Spring Training Series: Eric's Take on Training On the Go

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Eric’s Take on Training On The Go

 Maintaining an exercise routine with a busy schedule or while traveling can be tough, even more so when you’re in the midst of training season. Eric doesn’t let excuses get in his way—and with a little planning, knows how to hold himself accountable on the go. He races mostly sprint and Olympic triathlons and runs half marathons. His favorite places to train? Biking the roads in Puerto Rico, a 700-800 meter swim in the Caribbean, and a 5-mile run to Old San Juan. Of course, Ascend tops the list here in Del Ray. Eric’s dishing up his tips on how to stay focused on training goals with a heavy travel schedule.



What are your secrets for fitting in workouts when you’re short on time?

It’s all about planning, taking 5-10 minutes to evaluate my week and scheduling my workouts for myself.  A lot of times that means prioritizing an early morning workout or sliding it in between meetings and meals with clients.  Most hotels, local gyms and city recreation websites have all of the information you need to plan a workout ahead of time. I can eliminate 15-20 minutes of trying to find information before a workout by having it done ahead of time and invest that time savings in my workout.


What’s your strategy to stay focused on fitness while on the road? How do you hold yourself accountable on the go?

 What helps the most is having a goal, stating it and feeling as though I have worked towards that goal at the end of every training session. If you can schedule the time, and then answer the question “Am I better than I was before the workout?”, you’ll stay motivated and get better with every rep. Training for triathlons is especially tough, it takes even more planning to find a bike, or a pool or a long distance trail to run on. When I am having difficulty staying on task I will often state my workout goals or schedule to my wife.  She becomes my accountability partner and my motivation when I am feeling just a little too tired to get out of bed.  Look to those around you, a training team or the Ascend family or your loved ones for that push when you need it most.


Do you alter workouts when traveling? 

Always - I keep a note on my phone with multiple different workouts for different situations. I organize them by estimated time to complete, equipment needed, and desired goal. Then apply them to each situation; from having access to a full gym to body weight workouts after a run or long day of travel.  I’ve found that balancing solo workouts and classes helps when in a new city.  I use a few different apps to find local classes at a discount or last minute rates so that I can stay motivated and try new workouts. Scheduling a class is just another way to hold myself accountable and break up the monotony of a hotel gym or treadmill.


Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

In your opinion, how does Ascend help you train for races?

Ascend has been a large part of my growth and how I train.  For my last 3 seasons of triathlon training I focused solely on my cardio and endurance training without taking time to do any strength training.  Since I started with Ascend the interval training on the bike and the HIIT training in Underground have helped me prioritize my strength and to build it into my workouts. Having a dedicated group of coaches and friends who are invested in everyone’s success keeps me motivated and their instruction helps me workout smarter.



Blogpost written by Ascend content expert, Ashley Hart.