Meet Alex: "Never stop moving..."

Never stop moving, because each step you take is one that someone else chose not to

Meet Coach Alex.  

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

She's a Seattle native (Go Hawks!) and the assistant athletic trainer to DC United.   You'll find her running for miles & miles, and then hitting up Sugar Shack afterwards for a donut.  In the Underground, Alex is known for jumping in the workout beside you - she's an energizer bunny and channels all of it into coaching her classes, and then hitting up Elevate and Rides on her own to get her fitness fix.

Find her on the schedule on Mondays at 6:00 PM and Thursdays at 5:30 AM.  





What is your favorite movement/piece of equipment or combo of moves on the floor?

TRX Inverted Rows and DB Clean to Press


What is a must-have song on your workout playlist?

Always at least one "Skater-girl" Punk Rock Song! Must always go back to the roots of what shaped you! :)


What is your favorite part about coaching an Elevate class?

Crushing the finishers with my class and grinding out those last few moments together; giving that last bit of motivation and digging just a little deeper.


What’s your favorite place in Del Ray to get a coffee?

St. Elmo's! ICED MOCHA


Tell us a fun fact about yourself that people might not know.

I ran the 400 meter hurdles in college! Now I run 1/2 marathons (totally not correlated). I am from Seattle (Go Hawks!) and have lived in 5 different states for MLS internships or gradschool.

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo by Sarah Marcella Creative

Book a class with Alex, or check out this video where she explains proper form for the Goblet Squat.