Interview with the #bossbabe: Introducing Ascend Underground

Ascend Underground is our new studio that launched in December 2017 that offers interval training classes that combines bikes and strength equipment.  We’re getting A TON of questions about it, so we’ve prepped a series of blogposts to cover all your questions and more. 


To start, we’re chatting with Ascend Cycle owner, Kat, to find out what Ascend Underground is all about.


Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

What made you decide to open Ascend Underground?


Since our studio opened in 2014, we always offered a complementary class to our cycle classes: from outdoor bootcamps, to a blended ride and weights class, to the Ascend Body class (our first version of interval training off and on the bike).  Our Ascend community has always shown strong interest in these classes, and its been a great way to build our community.


Our Ascend Body class required having riders both on and off the bikes at the same time, and our studio is obviously limited in floor space.  Combined with the fact that these classes were filling to max capacity and were on waitlist, I always had a desire for an opportunity to create a bigger and better space for this format.   And thus, Ascend Underground was born – a fully equipped second studio that is located in the same building as our Ascend Cycle studio.



What does Underground mean?  


Ascend Underground is not a separate studio, but since it is located in the basement of our building, we call the space Ascend Underground – both due to its location, as well as its vibe.  You’ll find low and funky lighting, motivating music and an experience that makes you feel as though you have entered into a space where you can let go, get fierce, and challenge your body & mind in ways you never thought you would.


What can you expect in an Underground class?


In every Underground class you can expect personalized attention, an overview of correct form, the chance to meet new friends, and music to pump you up and keep you motivated! 


Photo Credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo Credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Our coaches are highly qualified.  Our priority is to make the workout effective, fun and safe.  Your coach will provide individualized modifications as needed to ensure that you get the most out of your workout. 

At Ascend, you are not a number in a class – we pay attention to your form, we watch your progress and we learn how to challenge you to be that better version of yourself.

We’ve got a follow-up post coming up that will provide a more detailed overview of each class we offer in the Underground – so stay tuned for the nitty gritty details.  In the meantime, here’s a quick overview:


Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Our Base class focuses on strength building and proper form.  You can expect to learn the technique for different and more complex movements that we use in our Elevate class.  You’ll also get a total body strength workout using various strength equipment.  Don’t be fooled, while this class is not high intensity, you will walk out the door knowing you just got stronger.




Elevate is our most common class and it is a high intensity, interval based class.  The work-to-rest ratios vary based on what our coach has planned for the class.  You will always rotate between the bike and the floor, which includes body weight, weighted, and sports conditioning exercises.







Ascend Core is a class that focuses on building core and glute strength.  In this class, we combine the bike, upper body stabilization exercises, and controlled exercises that build strength in the glutes, abs, and back. 


Finally, officially launching in March is our Summit class.  This class is partner-based and is a 75-minute class.  It will be offered 1-2 times per month. 


All of our classes incorporate 10 minutes of stretching at the end, which is just as important as the workout!



Is a separate membership required to attend Ascend Underground?


All of our Ascend packages and contracts apply to both studios.   So for example, if you currently have a 5-class package, those credits will apply to any class that is offered at Ascend Cycle & Ascend Underground. 


Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Why should I take Underground classes in addition to cycle?


All of the Underground classes are designed to complement our cycling classes.  While our Ascend community ranges in athletic interests and goals, it’s common knowledge that a fitness routine that combines both cardiovascular and strength training will yield the best results as well as will help to prevent injuries, especially those that result from muscle imbalances. 

Underground classes are recommended for people with a wide range of fitness goals.   From endurance athletes who are working on increasing power and core strength, to fitness addicts who love a challenge in a fast paced environment, and to the newbie, who is looking to build a foundation of strength or who is looking to take their fitness journey to the next level.

Just like our cycling classes, Ascend Underground’s foundation lies in the benefits of interval training.  Our coaches challenge our athletes to work in and out of aerobic and anaerobic zones.  At Ascend, we call these zones the training and peak zones. 

In a few words, you will get stronger, more powerful, and most importantly; you will gain confidence – in both your physical capabilities and mental grit.  And while we don’t keep a primary focus on calories burned (because fitness is so much more than that!) our classes will result in an increase in muscle mass and a faster metabolism.  You will look and feel good when you combine our cycle and our Underground classes!


What’s been the feedback so far about Ascend Underground?


Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Photo credit: Sarah Marcella Creative

Why not ask our community!?  Here’s what people are saying:


“For me, Ascend Underground has created a perfect balance to my time upstairs on the bike.  I love perfecting the basics, learning new movements and the progression I can feel with each class.  I'm getting stronger by the day and its awesome to see my goals turning into realities. Underground has brought my workout routine full circle and changed the way I view my personal health.”


“The thing about Ascend Underground is that it's hard, but never TOO hard. The instructors are great about paying attention to your abilities and offering modifications so that you are never being pushed past what you can do based on either recovering injuries or fitness level. In the end, that means Underground classes are as much about building up the mental fortitude to push your body to do what it's capable of as the workout itself.

It means having this conversation with yourself over and over again: "Do I want to do 20 seconds more of this plank? Hell no. Can I? Ugh, probably, yes. Will I? Yes." It's tough, but man do you feel like a superhero by the end of class.” 


“Ascend Underground is where traditional spin intersects with functional movements. And it is fun, fun, fun!  It feels so empowering to ride it out on the bike, hop off and bust out some heavy kettlebell swings or squats. I always end up leaving Elevate feeling like a total badass, and it's definitely made me a stronger rider upstairs! If you haven't tried it, you need to.”


“Underground classes are such a good work out. The exercises are always different, always challenging, and get your heart rate up. More than anything, I love the sense of community at Ascend. The instructors take time to get to know you and push you to your peak. The other class attendees motivate and support each other. Overall, it's worth getting up before the crack of dawn for these classes”


“The Ascend Underground classes bring intensity, personal attention from the coaches, and most importantly (at least to me!) a fun environment where you're encouraged to push yourself--or elevate--beyond your comfort zone. Yes, you can choose how hard you want to work, but the coaches design challenging routines and bring the motivation to help you reach your peak--just when you want to throw in the towel. I think that's the turning point for improved fitness. Plus, many of the strength exercises (like slam balls) are simply great stress relievers!”


Have a question about Ascend Underground you want answered?  Comment below and we’ll make sure to cover it!