Encouragement & Community - An Ascend Testimonial


"I started going to Ascend because I love spin class. I look forward to the feeling of pushing myself on a sprint and then gasping for air afterwards. I marvel at the feeling of my heart pounding and my legs burning because I am in awe of what I am capable of doing. I felt proud when I was at the doctor this summer and they asked if I was an athlete because my resting heart rate was so low. These are all wonderful things.

But when I go to Ascend, I get all that and I also get an encouraging email from Kat saying she noticed how hard I am pushing myself. I get mantras from Skylar and Allie W that stick in my head like “push yourself like the people you love are watching” and “you want a break, but you don’t need a break.” I get a sincere “great job” at the end of class from Darlene who just spent the last 50 minutes grinding it out next to me. I get to share teacher stories with Jacque and Tori at the front desk. I get homemade cookies and a sweet note from May at the beginning of the school year. I could keep going. I started going to Ascend because I wanted a place to work out and I now have so much more than that. It is an uplifting community and I am a better person for being a part of it".

-Rachel I