"It’s not just a place to work out..."


"A little over three months ago, I made a life changing decision: I left the office early, drove straight to Ascend Cycle, and found myself standing in front of two very friendly souls: Kat and Brandon. I’ve since been told how serendipitous this was – as it’s unusual to find the #bosslady & Experience Leader casually sitting together in the lobby at 4pm on a weekday – and am genuinely glad they were there to lend their words of support, vision, and excitement surrounding the studio (and most especially for the special shoe order (without hesitation, no less) to accommodate my shoe size…14’s are now available!).

I’ve never been able to be a number in a crowd, as I’ve always found that personable rapport and relationships help me to hold myself accountable – be it personal, business, etc. I quickly decided that I’d need to find such qualities in whichever studio/gym I was going to join, as they would be imperative to me realizing the goals I’d set for myself. Ascend provides just that for me, and more: it’s not just a place to work out, but a community to become a part of and grow within. Instructors become mentors, fellow riders support one another, friendships are forged, and the entire community seamlessly gels into one. That in itself is what gets me through the front door each time – the warm welcome when you walk into the lobby, the contagious, motivational attitude from the instructors, and the fact that 9/10 times I will know the person sitting next to me: it ALL makes a difference. Additionally, a wide range of music and playlists are available to choose from, via the diverse selection of instructors. Everyone can find their beat; fortunately, I’ve found a few instructors that share my affinity for up-tempo beats, deep base, and generally explicit lyrics…

In just 90 days, I’ve lost 30 pounds, committed to healthier lifestyle, met some incredible people, and have become more confident as an individual. I never thought I’d find a place that would not only give me the motivation to fully commit to making a holistic lifestyle change, but also encourage me to consistently push boundaries and Ascend higher. Thank you, Ascend, for everything!"