A toast to…sweet potato toast!

Have you tried sweet potato toast yet? Swap out your favorite bread with a slice of sweet potato for a nutritious twist to your typical toast. Sweet potatoes pack a healthy dose of beta-carotene, which our bodies convert to vitamin A (important for our vision, immune system and healthy skin). Not to mention they taste delicious, and hold up well to a pile of toppings, and are inexpensive. What’s not to love?


1 sweet potato

Toppings of choice


1.  Very carefully slice your sweet potato into ¼ inch pieces, lengthwise.

2.  Pop in your toaster. You will likely need to toast multiple rounds at the highest setting to cook through. Keep an eye that your slices don’t burn.

3.  Top with whatever you like or have on hand, the options are endless. Here are 4 options to try (pictured):

·      Sautéed spinach in ghee, fried egg, and red pepper flakes

·      Nut butter of choice, bananas, cinnamon and cocoa nibs

·      Mashed avocado, Himalayan salt, thinly sliced radish, and pea shoots

·      Vanilla yogurt, raspberries and hemp seeds


Get creative and enjoy!