Eat & Greet: Get a Glimpse at What Michelle Eats to #SLAYALLDAY

How does Michelle, one of Ascend’s newest instructors, eat to power through her daily routine? This high-vibe gal maintains her stamina by building her plate around protein and veggies. To ensure she has a week of well-balanced meals on hand, Michelle spends time planning and preppin’ her food on Sundays. Sounds like a healthy strategy to us!


Meet Michelle:

Find her bringing the heat to the podium Saturday at 10:45 AM and Sunday at 4:00 PM.


Breakfast: Protein! Whether this may be eggs; avocado and breakfast sausages on rice cakes; or protein-base green smoothie – having protein in my breakfast meal is very important as it fuels me for the day.

Lunch: For lunch, my meal consists of protein and vegetables. This meal keeps me sustained. Pictured: Brown rice medley summer salad (which included black barley and daikon radish seeds) with added avocado, chopped kale, walnuts, and pomegranate seeds.

Snack: A bowl of fresh organic strawberries and bananas topped with shredded coconut. For a post-ride snack, I had a banana and cashews.

Dinner: I like to have a light meal consisting of protein and vegetables. Fish and vegetables are the easiest and fastest to prepare. Pictured: Lemon peppered salmon on a bed of spinach with cauliflower rice and toasted cashews.


Dish It Up

*Food philosophy: define what a balance diet means to you: Cooking and weekly meal preparations are very important to me and what I find effective to keep a balance diet. I love my Sundays to be spent planning for the week ahead as I also outline and prepare meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day in the upcoming week.

*Favorite meal of the day (or fave dish): Breakfast! Favorite breakfast dish – egg white omelet with spinach and Tofurky sausage.

*Top tips and tricks for healthy eating on the go: A pack of mixed nuts or fresh fruit.

*Local eateries where we can find you stopping in for a bite: Honestly, this is a hard question for me because I enjoy cooking and eating my meals at home.

*Best pre- and post-ride snacks: Pre-workout – I like to have a spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter and Post-Workout – I like to have a banana or a Fuel for Fire fuel pack (favorite flavors, Banana Cocoa and Coffee!).

*Favorite indulgences or must-haves: 80% dark chocolate.