Team AC’s Favorite Holiday Treats & Traditions (and Seasonal Self-Care)

We’re dishing up what we love most about the holidays—what feeds our soul, as well as self-care practices that keep both our spirits and energy high when the busyness of the season sets in.


The holidays are upon us, and here at Ascend we’re soaking in the abundant good vibes that accompany this festive season. The twinkle of holiday lights, warm drinks in hand, and the sound of holiday tunes evoke feelings of nostalgia while allowing us to settle down and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. However, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed by both the joy and the stress that can go hand in hand right about now. Elevated emotions can cause us to lose sight of the season’s true gifts—a sense of gratitude, peace, hope, and love. Taking good care of ourselves through the hustle and bustle allows us to find greater fulfillment in the season and better manage stress when challenges crop up. And let’s be honest, all of this allows us to simply have more fun, right?


We’ve asked our team members to share with our community of riders what they love most about the holiday season while also touching on the importance of self-care practices to remain grounded through all the crazy. Let’s take a look:


We want to know: what are your favorite food-related holiday treats or traditions?


“Every year, my dad makes batches and batches of homemade caramels. Everyone knows they've made the Weissberg family's ‘nice list’ if they get a bag of these homemade treats!” –Allie W.


 “My Grandma makes our Italian family sauce (it takes 3 full days to make perfect) and a pan of pasta. I look forward to it every year and it reminds me of family and our history.” –Brandon


“My favorite holiday treat and tradition during Christmas Eve dinner includes Slovak traditional sauerkraut soup, carp and potato salad. I can't imagine my holidays without it. In my family, each one of our appetizers has special meaning. So, they are pretty much irreplaceable.” –Dominika


“Making molasses crinkles and salted Nutella chews and passing them out to friends and family.” –Emily


“When we were little our dad always used to make Norwegian cookies called krumkake during the holidays. You put the batter on a really fancy iron and then roll up the hot cookie into a cone. It makes the whole house smell like cardamom and it was one of our favorite activities to do with our dad when we were growing up. We still make them to this day during the holidays. Another favorite is having Italian cold cuts for lunch, it’s something we always look forward to.” –Jacque and Tori (AC sisters)


“A favorite tradition is that our whole family gets in pajamas and we drive around looking at Christmas lights while drinking cocoa.” –Jaime


“My favorite treat & tradition is making sugar cookies and "spritz" butter cookies with my mom and sister.” –Kat


“My family and I volunteer wrapping presents at the Children's Hospital. They have a Toy Land where they get to grab toys for the entire family. My favorite treat would have to be Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies.” –Lindsey


“My mom is Italian so every year we have an Italian feast - home made ravioli, lasagna, braciole. It's the best meal I have all year.” –M.B.


“Pecan Pie all day everyday!” –May


“My favorite holiday treat is dark chocolate peppermint bars (gluten free).” –Michelle


“My favorite food tradition is making rice balls with my mom (sticky rice with cheese and prosciutto deep fried into crunchy melty goodness).” –Rebecca


“Lox on Christmas morning.” –Skylar


Let’s face it; while wonderful, the holidays can get a little hectic. How do you prioritize self-care so you stay sane—or if you’re not stressed, what keeps you at ease?


“To keep myself sane, I make sure to take care of myself by keeping up as normal of a workout routine as I can. I also love to bake, especially for the holidays, and having this time in the kitchen with all the holiday smells keeps me happy and sane!” –Allie W.


“My self care is following up with childhood friends while home, spending time in candle light with some classic jazz music, and playing with my puppies - they love this time of year with the snow!” –Brandon


“My must-do self care is at least 30 minute of alone time every day. Alone time means that I give up my phone, laptop and practice mindfulness or light yoga. No matter how long my to do list is, this time of the day is #1. It's easier said than done, but I know that taking these 30 minutes to myself will increase my productivity during ‘busy time’.” –Dominika


“Seeing the Nutcracker with family. It doesn't feel like Christmas without it!” –Emily


“Self-care is baking! Making cookies is my favorite!” –Jacque


“Our family picks someone in the community that we can give a special gift to... one year, it was our mailman. Another year, it was our favorite cashier at the grocery store. We give them a gift card and tell them how much we appreciate them!” –Jaime


“Christmas scented candles, Christmas lights, making sure that I make time to meal prep and eat healthy, and of course, red wine!” –Kat


 “I spend way to much money at Lush and enjoy a bubble bath and some candles.” –Lindsey


“SLEEP! And family time.”–M.B.


“I go for a long walk to relieve the stress, (I know I am from SoCal and don't understand weather). There's nothing as refreshing as that cold air in the face, especially when I am jamming to a class playlist.” –May


“My favorite tradition, spending time with my family in California - we don't do anything crazy, but it's really nice to just hang out together and relax.” –Michelle  


“Sitting with white chocolate peppermint tea and holiday candles in matching pajamas (they make life feel more together!).” –Rebecca 


“Honestly I’m not very stressed during the holidays, but find listing to Christmas music to be so nice and fun.” –Sklyar


“I try to enjoy my winter break by relaxing and sleeping in!” –Tori


We wish all of our riders the happ-happiest holiday season filled with a healthy balance of fun and relaxation.