The Ascend Health & Wellness Gift Guide


Unsure what to give that special someone on your list? Check out our gift guide designed to help your (naughty or nice) loved ones achieve better health and wellness this holiday season.

While the holidays can be a festive and magical time, the pressure to find the perfect gift for your spouse/friend/colleague/whomever can be a bit stress inducing. In the midst of the hustle and bustle (and before you reach for that third spiked eggnog out of angst), we’ve compiled some gift recommendations to help you spread love—and wellness—this holiday season.

Before diving into the goods, let’s take a quick moment to step back during this season of spending and acknowledge what gifts truly promote happiness. While material items can spark momentary contentment, it’s often fleeting. Researchers have found that experiences bring longer lasting joy. Rather than just giving things this holiday season, consider what will bring about a deeper sense of happiness—experiences, time (either time together or short-cuts that free up more time), and health promotion. With that in mind, our gift guide includes items that can lead to healthy behavior change or wellness accessories that are easy on the eyes. We hope our list inspires you to give the gift of health this holiday season.


1. Ascend Underground gear: Hot off the presses, this new gear is almost as smokin’ as the workout itself. Stop by our studio and grab some before it’s gone!


2. S’well water bottle: Adequate hydration is crucial for your body and skin (read up on the importance of H20 here). Sip in style with these eco-friendly water bottles that come in a variety of colors and sizes. Did we mention the 25 oz size holds a full bottle of wine?


3. Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee: Can’t we all use a dose of ‘shrooms in our cup? Whether you’re shopping for a coffee drinker, cocoa lover, or matcha maniac, Four Sigmatic offers single-serve packets that make it easy (and convenient) to drink up the amazing benefits that functional mushrooms offer.

Take this gift up a notch by adding a Chemex coffee maker or handheld milk frother.


4. DOPE beet bliss powder: Get a daily boost of superfoods with this organic powder that combines beets, cacao, baobab, and mangosteen—the perfect addition to a recovery smoothie if you ask us.


5. Foam Roller: Fitness gurus will love the gift of self-myofascial release.


6. His & her Lululemon backpacks: For those who like to tote their workout gear in style—or pretend to.

For women &  For men


7. Wake Pray Slay journal: Both expressive writing and/or taking a few moments to journal about what you’re grateful for each day can lead to a more positive mindset. (Michelle, you’re the inspiration behind this one!)


8. Sur la table cooking class: For the foodie (or foodie wannabe) on your list. Choose from date night classes, workshops, or basic skill cooking lessons. With cooking at the heart of a healthy lifestyle, who wouldn’t love to get more comfortable in the kitchen? Online classes also offered.


9. The Laundress Sports Detergent: For the fitness guru who has everything, they’ll likely appreciate this detergent that keeps activewear in top form while removing sweat, odor, and stains.


10. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Make it easier for the people in your life to have access to local and organic produce.

Search the directory of CSA memberships by zip code


11. Glass prep containers: Meal prepping can lead to healthier eating, and having the right containers on hand makes the process a bit easier. We like these containers because they’re made of glass, have dividers (perfect for work lunches) and are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Also, those looking for quick and convenient cooking, we’ve heard good things about the instant pot.


12. Salt soak (aka self-care stocking stuffers): Who wouldn’t want to hop into a warm bath with these salts? Great for soothing sore muscles, these packs will encourage your recipients to put themselves in a time out. Cue the relaxation…


Of course, you can always surprise someone (or yourself, we won’t tell) with an Ascend series class package. Classes can be used at Ascend Cycle or Ascend Underground.  Purchase a gift card here!  


That’s a wrap, friends. Happy gifting!


Blogpost written by Ascend content expert, Ashley Hart