Is Your Kitchen Due for a Make-Over?

Is your kitchen due for a makeover? Beyond appliances, countertops, or vintage wallpaper, how are you doing when it comes to the organization and availability of smart and nutritious food options at home? It’s easy to fall into a slump when it comes to shopping and cooking at home—buying, trying, making, and reaching for the same things.  


Let's Find Out...

Quick quiz:

  • What are your go-to foods and snacks and how do they support your fitness efforts and goals?  
  • What foods are looking at you on the countertop, in the fridge at eye-level, and inside the pantry? 
  • How are you doing when it comes to buying and preparing healthy snacks and making sure the right foods in the right portions are there for you when you need them? 


8 Simple Tips for a Kitchen Makeover

Here are 8 simple tips to get you going with your own personal kitchen makeover:

  1. Organize your fridge with a section of priority foods—the ones that are best to be seen and eaten and that deserve your attention. These foods are healthier, fresher, more colorful and should be easier to get to. Put any others further to the back of the fridge or just get rid of them.
  2. Keep a large bowl of apples, oranges, pears, kiwis and other favorites on the countertop where they are ridiculously easy to get to, especially when you’re in a hurry, or on your way out the door.  
  3. Keep a water bottle filled up and in an obvious place to grab and pack it around with you.  
  4. Clean and organize your cupboards and pantry, throwing out old stuff. Group together specific products to be able to see what you’ve got and keep an inventory.
  5. Use your freezer. Portion healthy foods and put them in small bags in the freezer to easily grab when they are needed.
  6. Hide treats out of sight and keep them out of mind. Enjoy them here and there, but get rid of them if they’ve already served their purpose and are just lingering or sabotaging your best efforts.
  7. Take a few minutes to assess what needs to be done and plan ahead with a grocery list of what you really need. 
  8. Remember that the little things can make a world of difference. Taking a few minutes here and there to plan and portion can greatly simplify your days and weeks.

Good luck, and enjoy the fresh new look, and healthier options, in site, in mind!