Guest Blogger: Meet Heather from Mom Made Foods

Meet Heather from Mom Made Foods. A mom & business owner who is sharing her valuable advice on how to feed your hungry family with healthy foods, while staying on budget! PS - both my kiddos gobbled up the Mom Made Foods chicken apple meatballs! Find them at the Old Town Whole Foods!
— Kat

Learn the whole story of mom made foods here.


Eat Healthy, Stay on Budget, Strive to Thrive

We’re just beyond three weeks into 2017 and now is the time when the resolutions become really tough to maintain. Thanks to discovering a home at Ascend Cycle the exercise resolutions are a bit easier and much more enjoyable for me this year!   

To truly “ascend” however, we need to keep clean, healthy food in our pantries to fuel our bodies. I created a few tips and tricks for getting a healthy meal on the table that won’t break the bank, and – depending on where you live – have almost everything on your shopping list delivered right to your door. Instead of waiting in line at the store, hanging out at red lights or piling all the kids in the car, you can relax and spend some quality time with friends and family.

Tip 1 – Make your list ahead of time

Know exactly what you need before you head to the store. Pen and paper seem to be our tried and true method of note taking, but list making apps are super great too! Shelf Scouter and Any List are two of my favorites.

Tip 2 – Meal plan

Take 30 minutes at some point during the week(end) and plan out what you’ll have for dinner that week. I swear by a meal planning weekly subscription with The Six O'Clock Scramble. Whether you create a spreadsheet with ingredients, recipes and the like, Pinterest boards of awesome crockpot dishes, or let the Scramble's service do it for you, you’ll breathe easier knowing that you have a few ideas when the week starts and the family inevitably asks “what’s for dinner?” or schedules have to be moved around because a soccer game is the same time as ballet rehearsal! As soon as I’m done building our meal plan for the week, I write the recipes next to each day of the week on a chalk board in our kitchen. It helps the whole family feel organized going into the week.

Tip 3 – Order online

Take advantage of online shopping to get your groceries delivered right to your door! Services such as Instacart offer door to door service without getting off the couch. Fresh veggies, fruits, meats, pastas, sauces, and more are all available – often at the same price as your regular store. You’ll have more time to spend at spin class, and no one tugging on you at the checkout line for those pesky M&Ms that just happen to be at eye level. In the coupons section, you’ll find coupons for Mom Made’s products.

Tip 4 – Keep some easy, healthy options on hand

Inevitably all of us have those evenings where dinner seems impossible. For us it is once a week when both kids have an activity. Keep some easy, healthy foods in your freezer. It’s the reason I created Mom Made Foods - to have a healthy dinner for the family in two minutes that will not compromise my nutritional standards. Mom Made’s meatballs are an excellent source of protein regardless whether you have kids at home. I’ve put coupons on the desk at Ascend for Mom Made Foods. You can find our products in freezers locally at Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegmans, etc. 

Tip 5 – Get the kiddos involved

Every chef needs a sous chef right? Let the little ones belly up to the kitchen counter and teach them the finer art of slicing and dicing veggies, rolling out dough, measuring flour and layering up lasagna. Classic dishes like meatloaf will really get their hands dirty (be sure to wash hands afterwards!) and baking cookies will make even the sourest of homework frowns turn upside down. Since older kids can handle some chores they can help with cleanup and setting the kitchen table. Give mini chefs a different job each night, so they get the full range of what it really means to be on Chopped Junior! Eat healthy, stay on budget, strive to thrive.