Our Food Philosophy


Ascend:  Becoming better versions of ourselves.  

The results from our effort on the bike is complemented by how well we nourish our bodies.  At Ascend Cycle, our approach to nutrition is holistic and individualized.  We will never say that one diet fits all.  Why?  Because everyone is unique and so are our nutritional needs.  

We eat to fuel and nourish our body - to promote wellness, recover from our workouts, become stronger and to prevent illness.  We should enjoy what we eat and say no to fad diets that promote quick and unrealistic weight loss.  They never work long term.  My goal is to leverage the expertise we have across our team to guide you towards finding a rhythm of eating that is sustainable, well-balanced and most importantly, makes you feel good.  
-Kat, Ascend Cycle Owner

As the holidays approach, most of us feel pressure about an overwhelming amount of social commitments that challenge us to stay on track with our wellness goals.  The best of both worlds comes with moderation - We love to party!  So, over the next several weeks, we will be sharing our top recipes and tips for staying fit for the holidays and guess what?  There's still room for your favorite holiday treats.  You can do it, and we're here to support you - Let's ascend, together.

Have a nutrition question that you want us to address on the blog?  Let us know!