Ascend Underground



The Underground

The lights are low but the energy is high. Power. Strength. Stamina. Three stations to hit your peak.


The Underground

Ascend Underground is total body workout using top of the line strength training equipment & Stages indoor cycling bikes. Short & intense intervals combine weights, plyometrics and power drills on the bike. Our coaches push you in and out of your peak zone. Results: More muscle. Better endurance. Confidence to crush your goals inside the studio and out.


Be Fierce:
Uncover your inner badass Underground.


Class Descriptions

Ascend Elevate

Elevate your fitness with intense power & strength intervals. Our coaches will motivate you to push your limit – whether it’s picking up a heavier weight, finishing your last rep or pushing for more power on the bike. You’ll be sore, but we guarantee you’ll be back for more.


Ascend Strength

Build muscle.  Get strong.  Tone your body.  Your foundation of fitness and physique is this class.  


Ascend PEAK

Ready to hit your peak? Ascend Peak is focused on anaerobic intervals.  Short & intense work intervals - followed by rest, because you'll need it. Dig deep, commit & unleash your inner beast. 


Ascend Core*

A special workshop.  You want to be strong to your core? This class will have your abs screaming and your glutes on fire.  Injury prevention is the name of the game - we strengthen the key stabilizer muscles that we need to crush our workouts on and off the bike.

*Stay tuned to our schedule for upcoming classes!


Ascend BASE*

New to interval training or just getting back into it? Ascend Base focuses on proper form & technique. From goblet squats to kettlebell swings to battle ropes, you gain the foundation and confidence to crush the Ascend Elevate class.

*Offered as a workshop.  Check our schedule for dates.




Underground FAQs


Where is Ascend Underground?

Underground is located in the same building as our main studio, but it has a different entrance at 2417 Mount Vernon Ave. We welcome you to show up to the Ascend Cycle lobby and our team will show you where to go.


What should I bring to class?

Please wear comfortable workout attire and bring your sneakers. Have clip-in bike shoes? Bring those too, but they are not required. We provide water, but please bring your own bottle. 

I’m getting back to working out. Can I try an Ascend Underground class?

Yes! We recommend you sign up for our Ascend Base class first. While our coaches are skilled in providing modifications in our Elevate class, we believe your best first experience will be in Ascend Base.


I’m recovering from an injury and have some restrictions. Can I still workout Underground?

Yes! Our coaches will be able to provide modifications for the exercises in our class.  However, we encourage you to send us an email with specific questions in advance so we can make sure to guide you to the correct class format.