The visionary behind Ascend’s exclusive approach, Kat has always had a love affair with cycling. A former gymnast, her workout regimen includes everything from HIIT to barre to boxing, but the bike is her true zen – and she’s made it her mission to bring her riders to that place. Using big beats and tough drills, she drives out distraction, inspiring you to let go and live in the moment. Kat’s powerhouse classes are big on energy and that personal touch – she remembers what makes you tick and will show you how strong you really are. Achieve your personal best with Kat and soak up her happy vibes.

kate the great

Leader of the pack.

Our lead instructor and Michigan native is passionate about rocking your ride – it’s impossible not to notice her jamming on the bike. Kate’s challenging intervals, tight choreography and bumpin’ bass are set to a mix of pop, rock, EDM and hip hop, all with a common thread: big beats and high emotion to motivate you through her intense climbs, sprints, and killer jump sequences. Hold on tight and sing along – Kate’s infectious enthusiasm will bring you right into her happy place for 50 minutes of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing fun.  


"You don't have to be the best, just be the best you."

Named after the 1970s iconic Bionic Woman, this rock and roll badass is known for two things at the studio: her music, and her crazy early morning energy. When she’s not kicking ass on the podium, you’ll find Jaime corralling kids and neighbors into jam sessions on her front porch with her rocker-turned-lawyer husband. Packing beats from all genres, including punk, alternative, and little bit of pop, her rides wake you up faster than that morning cup of coffee. Expect high energy, new and obscure music, and a packed house.

mary beth (m.b.)

Your new BFF.

This twerk-loving foodie from Ohio brings the party to her rides. Her classes are famous for their club feel, with bumpin’ EDM, hip hop, and techno beats, low lights, and high energy. M.B.’s bubbly personality is rivaled only by her passion for her riders – just ask any of her groupies. This former Crossfit competitor developed a love of fitness in college when she began running and lifting. She eventually found her way to a bike, and the rest is history. In M.B.’s high-octane rides, lose yourself in the music, get after it, and find your inner athlete.


Come in, saddle up, sweat like a mofo.

Self-described compassionate and ridiculous, Brandon brings all the feels to his rides. His squad goals? Encouraging riders to embrace their bodies and improve performance while having a total blast in the saddle. His love of music comes across in his highly choreographed and musically driven rides, featuring everything from Top 40 to country to light EDM to baby-makin’ R&B.  Brandon’s positive motivational style and effervescent personality will wake anyone up for those early morning rides and leave you feeling inspired to make the day count. We dare you not to have fun in Brandon’s ride.

"I'm not here to push you, you're here to push you — the brilliant thing is we end up pushing each other."


It's all about the "try".

Our NorCal native brings the intensity. This former death row lawyer is serious about her rides, but listen carefully – she’s as witty as she is focused. When she’s not at the studio, you can find her daydreaming of her favorite place – the Pacific Coast – but will happily settle for tacos and Sancerre in Del Ray. A former dancer, competitive swimmer, and a runner, Emily leads a tough, fast-paced, tightly choreographed ride. She'll pull from any musical genre to get you there, but her musical North Star? Old-school hip hop. She sets goals for her riders, but finds the real success is in the effort. Come ready to work.


"Let the ride take you to a place you wouldn't have gone to on your own."

The one who carries an extra tank top in her gym bag because she’s always ready to sweat. Skylar takes fitness seriously – if she’s not motivating you through a challenging climb or killer sprints, you’ll find her pounding the pavement or pool running. She means business. Skylar believes that what you think is what you become. Her focused mantras help riders push beyond their self-imposed limitations and reach new ground – mentally and physically. Her beats always include top 40 and mashups to keep riders on their toes. Get ready to sweat, and let Skylar push you right out of your comfort zone.


Da Bad Ass B**** — "work hard, play harder."

Ashley’s love of sports is rivaled only by her love of rap and hip hop – a constant in her killer playlists. You think you know what this bubbly orthopedic PA-C is all about? Think again. When she’s not on the podium, she’s lifting at the gym, cheering on her Nittany Lions, or daydreaming of the bakery she’d like to own.  Ashley counters her intense jams and rides by encouraging her riders forget the small stresses of the day and remember the big picture. Her squad goals? Leaving her riders feeling as bad ass as she does, and looking fly in their jeans.


"Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable"

Positive vibes and a judgement-free zone – that’s what Andrew’s classes are all about. This West Virginia native motivates his riders with his infectious smile, a combination of fresh, new music and throw-backs, and his caffeine free energy (no joke, that energy is all natural!). When he’s not at the studio, you can find him running, working out with the November Project, hitting up a happy hour with his friends, or enjoying a good Cabernet. This extrovert combines his passion for embracing the moment and his mantra of “no regrets” to make his class a non-stop self-love party. Come for Andrew’s cute smile, come back for the contact high.


Good Vibes Only.

Ride away from the negative – no room for it in this class. Michelle packs her ride with motivation and encouragement, reminding riders that nothing’s unattainable if you believe in yourself. She builds her playlists with one goal in mind – SLAY ALL DAY – using everything from Electro Trap, pop, hip hop, mashups, Afrobeats, and Reggaeton to elevate her ride. Michelle’s mantra? Positive thinking is transformative. We dare you to resist her good vibes.

When we are pushed out of our comfort zone, we discover our inner badass.



Spiritual Gangster.

Don’t be fooled – this petite California girl is a powerhouse, using mindful motivation to cue you through a high-energy ride. May’s class has everything from rock to EDM – anything with bumpin’ bass and head-banging beats. She's passionate – about fitness, music, food, and the Dallas Cowboys. This former water polo player wants to you to ride with the belief that anything is possible once you clip in. Her mantra? Smile, breathe, believe. 

Jess D.

The Zen Master.

Looking to ride your way to zen? Look no further. Jess’s focused energy, intentional drills, and tight choreography create a killer ride that leaves you feeling powerful and restored. When this Massachusetts native and former competitive dancer isn’t at the studio, you can find her creating essential oil concoctions, daydreaming of crisp fall mornings, and hanging with her two little girls. Combining everything from pop, hip hop, EDM, classics, country, indie, and folk, Jess’s dynamic rides will leave you a better version of yourself, and a little more zen.